Treadwell Productions - Theater & Film: Bringing art to life
About Us
Our humble beginning took place in 1996 when our first original stage play, titled "Life's Plan" was performed at The Publik Playhouse in Cheverly, MD. We have been blessed to continue to produce and perform; even sometimes as we 'walk through the valley of the shadow of death' (this industry is not always easy).
All of the stage plays (and films) are original works written by the playwright and founder of Treadwell Productions, Dr. Denise Treadwell Thompkins and most are directed by Ade' Knight. Ade' is also the published author of "HOT LOINS"...a romantic, steamy 'must read' exciting book!
Treadwell Productions is an independent venture. This allows for the freedom and flow of creativity and new ideas! Because, we pride ourselves on giving 'opportunity' to new and aspiring actors, (no experience is required). Our projects are non-paying. However, the cast is typically presented with a token of appreciation (non-monetary) in keeping with the production's profit (if and when a profit is made).

Therefore, if your primary focus is money, then we are not what you're looking for. However, if your primary focus is acting, we're here to get you on stage/film in significant roles!
One of our primary goals is to give those, who may not readily have one in the 'mainstream' performing arts arena, an opportunity to perform, with speaking roles. We strive to steer actors away from stereotypical and or redundant roles; allowing them to gain experience and exposure and to develop their skills. The majority of our themes are inspirational, contemporary and dramatic.  
Once a cast/crew embarks upon a project, it is important that we become as an extended family...(and not a dysfunctional one (smile)). We have to support and encourage each other. Though it is fun, it is also hard work.  While Treadwell Productions seeks to be informal (for comfort and fun), we do require professionalism and courtesy.
A script is creatively inspired words on paper. It takes a talented and dedicated cast to bring it to life, a savvy crew to orchestrate the technology and mechanics, a creative and insightful director to pull it all together and God to make it happen!