Treadwell Productions - Theater & Film: Bringing art to life
We hope that you willBLESS US
I hope you've had the opportunity to read 'About Us' to get to know us better; our aspirations, accomplishments and upcoming productions.
It is extremely costly in these times to continue to bring art to life through film and stage; giving actors, especially those of color and limited experience, the opportunity to hone their skills and get valuable performance exposure. We are prayerful that our efforts won't be hindered because of financial constraints. 
Often, we have not, because we ask not. Humbly, we are asking for your support.
We need your help. If God so leads your heart to do so, we hope that you will bless us with a financial contribution (of any amount); there is no such thing as a small blessing (Amen). I am confident that God will bless you back!
Thank you in advance, Denise