Treadwell Productions - Theater & Film: Bringing art to life
Treadwell Productions is privileged to be a blessing to others by affording them opportunities to present their talents and share their gifts with others.
'Let Your Light Shine'
My prayer is that when the door of opportunity is before you, you will have the strength and the courage to open it and walk through. Our jobs are non-paying. If profits are gained, they are used to cover costs of the production and to support our efforts for upcoming ones. Our primary goal is to offer the opportunity for those who are serious about their craft to hone their skills and gain valuable exposure and experience. Remember, "preparation before position."
(Ongoing opportunities)
We are always excited to build our talent pool (film and stage) of actors, directors and writers. You are encouraged to contact us if you are interested in participating in upcoming productions. Please be specific regarding the opportunity you are interested in and include your current head shot and bio. Remember, we want and are looking for diversity! We want to help you grow and support you as you move closer to your dream.