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About Denise
Dr. Denise Treadwell (Thompkins) gifts, skills, talents and abilities are as diverse as the world we live in.  More than an author, playwright and screenwriter, Dr. Treadwell is also an educator, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and a therapist.
Dr. Treadwell holds a BS in Business Mgmt from Florida A & M University, an MS in HR Mgmt from Florida Institute of Technology, an MS in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, and a Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from Argosy University.
Of all the degrees that God has so graciously blessed her to achieve, Denise states that "the one of greatest value, is not a degree at all; but a simple certificate"...her certificate of baptism; she is a believer!
An advocate for education, Dr. Treadwell believes that the 'application' of knowledge is power. She considers it a blessing and a privilege to be a part of helping others to become more empowered.
Whether it's via the university classroom, a counseling session, a film/play or a seminar/workshop; her mission is to reach, teach, encourage and enlighten.
Dr. Treadwell states, "We are to encourage, uplift, and help each other as we all make our way through a sometimes weary land. I want to help. We are family; you are my sisters and my brothers on my FATHER's side."
"My people perish for lack of knowledge..." HOSEA 4:6, KJV
Dr. D. Treadwell
Author of the newly released book,
"SUCCESS: There Is No Secret"
 cordially invites you to attend this powerful seminar
 (coming soon)

There Is No Secret
If you have a vision, a dream or aspirations, this seminar is for you. You have amazing gifts and talents inside of you that can help propel you toward your success! 
It does not matter what your education level, job status,  income bracket is; or where you've been. All that matters is where you want to go!


So much negative energy is in the atmosphere all around us. As we struggle and strive to fulfill our desires, passion and purpose, it can be challenging. Naturally, we can become discouraged.

I would like for you to be encouraged! Whatever the mountain may be in your situation, be encouraged that you can speak to the mountain and it will move.

This seminar will be coming soon. If you would like to book me to present this or other seminars and workshops to your group or organization, please contact me through this website.

We are who God says we are!